PIUSI THREE25 120V (Auto/Meter/Filter/PDC) CSA PART F00101A0H 1

PIUSI THREE25 120V (Auto/Meter/Filter/PDC) CSA PART F00101A0H

PIUSI THREE25 120V (Auto/Meter/Filter/PDC) CSA PART F00101A0H

PIUSI THREE25 120V (Auto/Meter/Filter/PDC) CSA PART F00101A0H


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PIUSI THREE25 120V 9GPM (Auto/Meter/Filter/Coupler Kit)

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After two decades of experience in the design and production of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer systems PIUSI’s Three25 has become the world’s most famous kit DEF transfer pump kit. It was specifically designed for IBC tote and mini bulk applications.


The PIUSI Three25 DEF transfer unit contains everything you need to fill your vehicle’s tank!

The PIUSI SuzzaraBlue DEF diaphragm transfer pump can dispense up to 9 GPM, and the kit includes 20 ft. delivery hose, 5 ft. of suction hose and our 4-pin PDC coupler.

This kit also includes our premium SB325 automatic metered nozzle with a breakaway spout. This spout can also be upgraded to our Mis-fill spout to prevent DEF from accidentally being dispensed into the diesel tank.

Finally, the 3D PIUSI filter helps to maintain the quality of the DEF dispensed, thus extending the life of the catalyst.


Through seven important technical and structural innovations, PIUSI has responded to market needs the new PIUSI Three25 kit:

  • 3D FILTER for DEF.
  • Robust stainless steel structure and roll bar protection.
  • Piusi DEF Coupler (PDC) that marries up to standard 4-pin IBC tote container valves.
  • New safety lock for the support brackets.
  • Large and robust hose holder and ergonomic nozzle housing.
  • Crimped EPDM delivery hose.
  • New SB325 metered automatic nozzle with break-away stainless steel spout.


A poor quality DEF system could compromise and contaminate the DEF solution. For this reason, as is the standard for all Piusi DEF equipment, DEF-compliant materials such as polypropylene, stainless steel and EPDM have been utilized in the construction of this kit in order to maintain the integrity of the DEF.

PIUSI Three25 for DEF is the complete solution for a fast and clean DEF transfer in any tote or mini bulk application!

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