Parcel Shipment

Parcel shipments are shipped loose and without a pallet, and are for orders with a limited number of boxes. These shipments generally include 1-3 packages. There are no additional charges for the parcel packaging shown to the right.


Pails shipped via a parcel shipping service use foam corner pieces to keep the pail from touching the sides of the box. This ensures safe transportation during vigorous handling when shipped. There are four foam pieces below the pail and four foam pieces above it. This packaging is only used for parcel shipments and does not apply to freight. To ship packaging with freight shipments, additional costs may apply.

Gallons & Smaller

Packages are either double-boxed or secured with packing peanuts, depending on the container sizes ordered.
This ensure safe travel during transportation.

Freight Shipment Guidelines

Orders are shipped via freight if they are too heavy or large to ship using parcel services. Freight shipments are made up of 3 or more packages, or 1 drum or more. Shipments are placed on pallets and secured with stretch wrap from the top of the containers all the way around the pallet. Single drums may be shipped stretch-wrapped without pallets. Air shipments use this same packing method but also include plastic strapping around the stretch wrap as required by shipping companies.
Domestic pallets measure 40” x 48” and international pallets are 44” x 44”. Both weigh approximately 50 pounds. For international shipments, certified, heat-treated, export wood pallets are used to meet international shipping requirements. Plastic pallets are available at an additional charge of $25 per pallet. Please confirm dimensions. With either freight or parcel shipments, if you receive a damaged product, or the packaging differs from what is listed, please refuse the shipment and notify  your account representative.